Benny Labamba

Historical Jesus Theories (bibliography)

Computer reconstruction based on 1st century Israeli skull.

There are many different of the . Below are some of them (one book per scholar). Also see .

Jesus the Apocalyptic Prophet

  • by Dale Allison
  • by Bart Ehrman
  • by E.P. Sanders
  • by Paula Fredriksen
  • by Gerd Ludemann
  • A Marginal Jew, & & by John Meier

Jesus the Myth

  • by Earl Doherty
  • by G.A. Wells
  • by Robert Price
  • by Allvar Ellegard

Jesus the Savior

  • by N.T. Wright
  • by Gregory Boyd and Paul Eddy
  • by Luke Timothy Johnson
  • by Robert H. Stein

Jesus the Wisdom Sage

  • by John Dominic Crossan
  • by Robert Funk
  • by Burton Mack

Jesus the Social Prophet

  • by Richard Horsley
  • by Hyam MacCoby
  • by William Herzog

Jesus the Spirit Man

  • by Marcus Borg
  • by Steven Davies
  • by Geza Vermes

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