Benny Labamba

Secrets on how to beat slot machines

Video slots are the leaders in the list of online casino gambling games, since they are the most popular among players. Accordingly, the question “how to beat the automata” is one of the most frequent. Why slots have such a demand among fans of excitement? The reasons are many. Here are a few of them:

  • simple rules that allows you to relax while playing;
  • Player professionalism has a small role. Even a beginner can get a win;
  • small, but still the chances of a progressive jackpot;
  • a wide range of bets that allows you to play even with a small bankroll.

To start playing slot machines for a newcomer, just spend a few minutes studying the rules, place a bet, press the start key and wait for the result of the first spin.

How to beat the machine in an online casino using simple methods?

This question interests even those users who play exclusively for entertainment purposes. Immediately, we note that in the slot lies the mathematical superiority of the casino before the player. Change it with the help of various frauds is not only unlikely, but also illegal. If the portal suspects the user of this, he immediately goes into a deep ban. However, there are ways that will help increase the likelihood of victory. Glad to share them with you.

Use only licensed online casinos

How to beat the slot machines, if you stumble upon a fake? Leave the game and choose a reliable gambling resource with proven software. Producers of gambling content are not responsible for the work of fake games. Casino will be an excellent choice for gambling.

Choose a gaming machine with maximum RTP

Each gaming machine has a certain theoretical return percentage (RTP). It can range from 95% – 97%, although there may be other indicators. RTP displays how much of the total bet amount the player returns. The greater the return incorporated in the online machine, the greater your chances of a good win.

Choose a slot considering volatility

There are gaming machines with high, low and medium variability (dispersion). In the first case, the slots give out rare, but large wins. Slot machines with low variability give rewards in almost every back, but they are small. Be sure to consider volatility when choosing a game. Bankroll distribute also depending on the variance. For example, if you chose a machine that rarely gives, but in a big way, it would be foolish to make big bets. You can spend your bankroll in minutes. But small or moderate rates will help to wait out the black stripe in order to break the long-awaited jackpot.

Do not worship from different strategies

Today, there are many systems that promise success in the game on online slots. But not one of them can affect the RTP, and therefore is unable to guarantee a 100% gain. The results of each spin are completely random and do not depend on previous results. Keep this in mind if you prefer slot machines, but often wonder how to trick them with different systems. So is it worth trying to play with strategies if they don’t always work? The answer is yes. The use of systems allows you to make the game more orderly, correctly distribute the funds and not exceed the established limits.

What you need to know about jackpot slot machines

Choosing an online progressive jackpot slot should only be if you are dreaming about the greatest winnings, and also are going to make big bets. Note that the probability of getting a progressive jackpot is extremely small. If you just want to have fun, we advise you to avoid slot machines with progressive jackpots. There are several reasons:

  • unprofitable return percentage;
  • only those who play at the high limits apply for the main prize. Although there are models from Novomatic, where the maximum win amount depends on the initial bet.